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When Collen Kelton moved to Japan, where he was stationed with the US Military, he bought a silver 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R with the intention of turning it into a souped-up speed machine. While he got to work on the insides of the car, Allison, Kelton’s then-girlfriend (now wife), started doodling intricate patterns on a scratched bumper with a black Sharpie marker. Kelton originally planned to eventually have the car repainted, so at first these doodles were simply an amusing way to pass the time.

But then, as hours and hours worth of drawing time accumulated, it became clear that Allison was turning the car into an awesome work of art. The couple decided to forgo the professional paint job in favor of Allison’s creative skills. After roughly 100 hours of painstaking work she’d covered every inch of the car’s exterior in a dazzlingly complex field of swirling patterns and lines. All that was left to do after that was cover the car with a few layers of protective clearcoat.

Collen Kelton documented the car’s transformation (inside and out) at the Skyline Owners Club forum. Head over there for additional images.

[via My Modern Metropolis and Demilked]

I want to do this to my car

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